Socialite Risper Faith Agrees To Photoshop Allegations

Kenyan Socialite Risper Faith has shared her story after her Photoshopped photos went viral.

The socialite has been on the receiving end after being caught posting photoshopped images on her Instagram page,an act that has since attracted multiple critics.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, Risper Faith admitted that she indeed posted photoshopped pictures but for the mere purpose of showbiz.

She added that she is only manifesting good life through the nice pictures and that the sole purpose of her actions was successfully accomplished.

“It is almost end month, sales are down so I decided to do something on social media to see if people will come to my shop and buy products and it worked”. She told Mungai Eve.

Speaking about the picture where she photoshopped her face into a US brand model’s body, Risper revealed that she downloaded the photo from Instagram and asked her photographer to do the manipulation.She said that she was faking it until she makes it as it is the custom with most Instagram influencers.

“It’s not that I can’t afford these things, but I want my Instagram to look good. Everybody on Instagram is faking it.”She said.

The socialite added she is not apologetic for posting the content since it was out there for public domain.


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