Mululu Rejoice As Musalia Mudavadi Takes Oath Of Office

Moments after being sworn in early on Thursday, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s residence in Mululu, Vihiga County burst into song and dance.

Residents flocked to his house to celebrate the appointment by dancing around his compound to isukuti music.

The ecstatic citizens said that their leader had received a gift from President William Ruto for keeping his ground through trying times.

Professionals and local central government administrators joined them. They expressed confidence that Mr. Mudavadi will assist the President in fulfilling his campaign platform.

Musalia Mudavadi with H.E President Willliam Ruto after taking an oath earlier today at statehouse

They claimed that Dr. Ruto had chosen a former professional who is now a politician who will aid him in reviving the faltering national economy.

The owner of Mudasa Academy, Mrs. Velma Mudanyi, joined the residents and expressed her delight at the appointment on behalf of Western Kenya.

“We are here to give Mudavadi our congratulations on his new position. We are grateful that this position has been given to us. President Ruto made the right choice by selecting a seasoned politician and industry expert,”

Workers’ representative Mr. Matthew Chahasi said that Mr. Mudavadi will be supported by the area and that the job is a stepping stone to a greater post in the future.

Mr. Sande Mukuna, a former member of the Vihiga County Executive Committee, agreed with this assessment and claimed that Mr. Mudavadi’s chances of running for president in the future have improved as a result of the appointment.

“On behalf of the veteran workers, we assure Mudavadi of our support and advise to ensure that he succeeds,” veteran unionist Dickson Atsiaya stated.

By choosing Mr. Mudavadi, Dr. Ruto, according to Mr. Alex Makanu, the head of the Sabatia sub-county boda boda association, improved his reputation in Western Kenya.

He claimed that in order to forward their goal, boda boda drivers would like to meet Mr. Mudavadi.

Additionally, Mr. Mudavadi’s journey began in 2016 when he was named the Luhya spokesman, according to Rev. Simon Muhindi, the head of the Vihiga council of elders, who was speaking on behalf of the elders.


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