Glovo Opens Its Third Micro Distribution Center In Nairobi.

As part of strengthening their “Q-commerce” section, Glovo has opened its third micro fulfillment facility in Nairobi, Kenya. With Q-Commerce, customers may utilize Glovo to place orders from their preferred supermarkets and local shops.

After launching the first micro fulfillment center in June 2021 and opening the second in June 2022, Glovo is now looking to leverage their advanced affordability value proposition to provide affordable fresh and consumer packaged goods (CPG) to lower middle-income earners. Customers can now order from the third micro fulfillment center through the Glovo Market as well. Glovo Market ensures the fastest delivery times possible, with consumers receiving their orders in 20 to 40 minutes, by utilizing the most advanced in-store digital technology and dedicated resources.

Glovo Market is only available online or through the Glovo app, and it is not open to walk-in customers. Along with retail companies like Bulkbox, Diageo, EABL, Reckitt, Heshba, Mesora, Wrigleys, Pernod Ricard, Kimberly Clark, and Farmers Choice, to mention a few, Glovo collaborates with supermarkets like Carrefour and Naivas.”The opening of micro fulfillment centers was an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts to consumers buying groceries, other essential, and convenience items from an app and website, rather than making such trips in person,” says Peter Abok, Q-Commerce Manager, Glovo Kenya. “Post-pandemic, this has continued to be the trend, as more people have gone back to their daily routines, and traffic in Nairobi is a norm,” he adds. Glovo guarantees the quickest delivery times in Kenya, and we are eager to keep growing our selection as we launch a third micro-fulfillment center to serve more areas.

The retail environment has grown thanks to Glovo’s micro-fulfillment centers, which has various advantages. For instance, individuals and small businesses can continue to launch retail stores using Glovo’s micro-fulfillment center, selling products on the Glovo platform that are fulfilled by Glovo warehousing and logistics (last mile) services. By expanding MFC’s Glovo, distributors and retailers will have access to more sales channels in addition to job opportunities.


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