Musician Nyota Ndogo Rejects Husband’s Expensive Gift

Nyota Ndogo has left netizens dismayed after she turned down an Iphone 14 gift from her mzungu husband Henning Nielson.

The Kenyan musician’s gesture won the hearts of her fans after the video of her went out turning down the expensive gift from her mzungu lover and instead suggests a more worthy investment option to the husband.

In the video, the two are seen enjoying a snacks session but the husband was browsing through the internet when Nyota intercepted by asking what he is looking for.

Nyota Ndogo seems unsatisfied with the answer she gets from Nielsen with whom they have been together for six years.

Nelson said he was looking for iPhone 14 meant for her.

“I am looking for you an iPhone 14,” he said.

Nyota outrightly tells him off saying she already has an iPhone 11 which she boldly says is enough for her.

The ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker however offered to be gifted a different gift by her lover.

“Who said I want iPhone 14? I do not want an iPhone 14. But I never asked for a phone. Do you know what I want? we can buy land in Kenya and build a restaurant so that when you retire, you do not come to Kenya and suffer because we have our own restaurant,” she said.

Nielsen agrees with her proposal but retains his iphone 14 offer for her.

This is notably not the first time the musician has turned down an offer from her husband. She turned down a car worth millions of shillings while the two were away in Copenhagen Denmark during Nielsen’s birthday.

Nielsen had offered to buy her own car to drive while in Denmark but she refused saying she had a car back in Kenya and offered an option of buying and building apartments in the Coast region instead.


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