Zuchu’s ’11st December’ Statement Criticized

Zuchu has received the attention of many online netizens after using poor grammar while announcing her upcoming event in Kenya.

The ”sukari’ hitmaker will be performing in Eldoret early December.

The Bongo star went on social media to announce the concert to her fans via her Insta Story.

However,the poster shared by Zuchu had a grammatical mistake making the statement go viral within minutes.

“Kenyans get your tickets. Live performance Eldoret Kenya. Sunday, 11st December 2022.” Read the post.

Instead of writing 11th December Zuchu felt it right to write 11st December.

People criticed her while others blasted her for not being soo keen when making such an important announcement some labelling it as carelessness.

Diamond Platnumz had also once made the same mistake while saying his age.Insteaf of saying am 31years old he said 31st years.


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