Wahu Kagwi Says She Has No Pressure Getting A Baby Boy

Musician Nameless’s wife Wahu Kagwi has been happily sharing her journey and beautiful moments with her new born baby girl on social media documenting since she delivered her a week ago.

This is the third daughter of the two power couple and this time fans came to them with some intriguing questions,most dominantly the need for a male child in the family.

The celebrity couple announced the arrival of their third daughter on Tuesday, October 11.

Throughout Wahu’s pregnancy journey the couple had encountered questions of desiring a baby boy since they already had two daughters but the couple kept saying that they are contented with whatever gender even if it is another baby girl.

Their fans have liked the journey and they are interested to get every point that is racing around Wahu’s mind, especially after failing to get a baby boy again.

This compelled Wahu to look for ways to have a candid conversation with her fans to talk about the issue.She took to Facebook to interact with her fans as she answered some of their questions.One fan asked her if she is still hoping to get a baby boy later.

“Do you still have a dream of getting a baby boy later?”A fan asked.

“Not at all. I’m so happy and content,”the proud mother of three boldly replied.

This is after Singer nameless already made it public that he is comfortable with any gender and that he is hardcore supporter of the girlchild.


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