Spice FM’s Interview With Miguna Miguna Canceled As The Attorney Refused To Sign The Indemnity Form

Firebrand attorney Miguna Miguna was scheduled to speak with Spice FM and KTN Home yesterday, Monday, October 24, according to the Standard Group.

When the media business required him to sign a guest indemnity agreement before he could participate on The Situation Room broadcast, Miguna objected. The self-styled general emphasized clause 5 on Facebook, where he was required to concur that he would be responsible for his personal comments made during the session and not the business.

In other words, should Miguna, for instance, make any derogatory statements or breach someone’s privacy while on air, Spice FM does not in any way bear his cross.

Miguna, however, asserted that the action was a ploy to restrain him and compel him to provide the business with a broad indemnity.

“One minute prior to the interview’s start, Spice FM attempted to make me gag and compulsively sign a general indemnity. I obviously refused to put my signature on this death warrant. I wasn’t even greeted by the hosts. It was a ridiculous setup “Miguna said.

He stated that despite appearing on radio and television for the previous 30 years, he had never been asked to sign a blanket indemnity form.

As was previously reported, Miguna returned to the nation after nearly five years abroad. On October 20, shortly after 6 a.m., the fiery self-styled general arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Following his arrival, Miguna gave a statement in which he praised Kenyans for electing President William Ruto as well as the Kenya Kwanza administration on August 9.

He was led out from JKIA by tight security.


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