President Ruto And Richard Ngatia Hold Talks On Business Empowerment

Richard Ngatia, the president of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), paid a courtesy call to President William Ruto on Saturday and discussed the concerns of the country’s business community with the president.

The President and the head of the KNCCI spoke at length about issues pertaining to the government’s promise to foster an environment that is favorable for businesses, which is consistent with the government’s determination to create an economy that will be centered on the empowerment of the corporate world and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The topic of the conversations between President Ruto and Ngatia was how to involve SMEs in the government’s development agenda by employing a bottom-up strategy.

In order to actualize progress and put money in people’s pockets, the President and KNCCI decided to collaborate to make sure that the business community had access to finance, a fair market, and a welcoming business climate.

Ngatia asserts that the discussions with the President represented a first in shattering Kenya’s corporate glass ceiling and opening the economy to all companies as equal partners in the development of the country.

After the meeting at State House, Ngatia said, “The President is very devoted to the business sector and has committed to working with the chamber to ensure that we strengthen our business community to ensure they earn a profit, pay their taxes, and contribute to the development of Kenya’s economy.”

As per the World Chamber Federation’s culture, President Ruto promptly assumed the role of Patron of KNCCI after assuming power.

According to Ruto, the hustler fund, which will be made available to Saccos and cooperative societies in Kenya to ensure that people have access to credit at reasonable rates and can conduct business easily, will be implemented by the government by December in an effort to revitalize Kenya’s economy.

President Ruto and Ngatia decided to collaborate under the KNCCI in order to ensure that Kenyan companies have access to the great lakes region and the continental trade area as markets.


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