Morocco And EU Sign Deal To Enhance Cooperation On Renewable Energy.

Nasser Bourita, the top diplomat for Morocco, received Frans Timmermans, the vice president of the EU Commission, on Tuesday. The European Union and Moroccan “green partnership” agreement, which aims to strengthen collaboration on renewable energy, was formally unveiled by the politicians in Rabat.

In order to help European countries wean themselves off fossil fuels, the sun-baked North African nation is attempting to provide alternatives.

The foreign affairs minister of Morocco questioned, “Why a green partnership?

“First of all, the setting demonstrates that we are on the eve of COP27 and this is an essential opportunity to illustrate that the discussion on climate change is primarily a question of will and vision, but it is also a question of action,” the author says.

Nasser Bourita stated, “Actions to turn commitments into reality and what Morocco is striving to do through this green collaboration.”

According to Frans Timmermans, the memorandum of agreement is the “first of its sort.”

Additionally, it is expected to increase corporate sector participation in the battle against climate change.

Through investments in green technologies, renewable energy production, sustainable mobility, and clean industrial output, it wants to facilitate the transition to a decarbonized industry, according to the statement.

Morocco announced an energy strategy in 2009 with the goal of raising the proportion of renewable energy in the nation’s energy mix from about a fifth at the time to over 52%.

In November, the COP27, sometimes referred to as the 27th session of the UN Climate Change Conference, will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.


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