Millions Of Simcards To Be Deactivated As Deadline Lapses

The set deadline ,15th October has already lapsed.

The registration exercise was extended by a further six months on April 15.

Over 11.5 million SIM cards are set for deactivation as of today on Saturday 15 October,2022.

The SIM registration exercise is set to draw to a conclusion at midnight on Sunday after which unregistered SIM’s will be shut off from services including making calls, receiving calls, sending and receiving SMSs’ and accessing mobile data.

According to statistics from telecommunication operators ,53.2 million SIM cards were already updated.

This is to leave a balance of 11.5 million SIM cards out of the 64.7 million total mobile (SIM) subscriptions as of the end of June according to data from the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA).

Leading telecommunications provider Safaricom hit the registration compliance rate of 91 per cent or 38 million duly registered lines before deadline while Airtel had 13.4 million SIM cards duly registered to represent a 78 per cent rate of compliance while Telkom had the lowest compliance rate at 40 per cent or 1.8 million SIM cards.


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