“I Was A Super Twerker”-Size 8 Narrates Life Before Christ.

Size 8 revealed that she was a powerful twerker before she gave her life to Christ and that she had mastered the skill to perfection.

“I was an wonderful twerker” she said.

Size 8 and Lady B who is her friend have talked about their life before they got saved and gave their lives to Christ.The two while talking via shiracko media said that indeed there was still time for sinners to return to Christ and give their lives to him.

While advising their fans about the mercies and grace of God,Lady B said that their life was the most sinful and that God gave them a different purpose in life that was in accordance to God’s will.

“Size 8 mimi na yeye tulikua wagenge, huyu ata hakua anajua kuvaa nguo mateke, mateke (Size 8 and I were in the life of genge, this one did not embrace the modest way of wearing clothes at the time)” Lady B said referring to Size 8.

Lady B went on to say that many people wait for miracles, such as the visually impaired to see for them to believe and have faith in Christ ,miracles and Salvation and forget that even when people in the public light who have tasted all filthiness of life decide to give their lives to Christ is a miracle in itself.

Size 8 and Lady B however announce a mega Crusade they are planning to conduct.


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