“I Have Only Been Sad Not Depressed”-Omosh

Former actor Omosh Kizangila has refuted claims that he is depressed saying that he was only sad for two to three weeks after losing a best friend and a neighbor consecutively,what he termed as double tragedy.

In an exposé in his YouTube channel,Omosh urged bloggers to work hard and be creative to find content instead of trying to revisit his stories in bid to attract views.

“There is a story trending about me.Do I look depressed?People lack content and try to revist my story,”Omosh said.

Omosh went on to say that people should know the difference between depression and sadness as he pointed out that someone could have seen him during his grieving moments and judged that he was depressed while instead he was just sad due to the double loss.

“Maybe someone saw me and thought that I was depressed.I was just sad after losing my friends.”He said.

Omosh also warned people against spreading rumours that his wives had left him and confirmed that the wives are home and doing well.He added that if anyone wanted to know the a clear picture of how he is fairing on,he is open for interviews.


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