AliKiba’s Kenyan Wife Amina Hints They Are Officially Divorced

Amina khalef ,the wife to Tanzanian singer Alikiba had early this year filed for a divorce from the singer at a Mombasa-based Khadhi’s court which gave him 15 days to respond to the filed papers.

Amina posted an image of an open cage and a bird flying out of it and captioned,”officially free” hinting that her divorce with Alikiba could have been finalized.

Khalef had described their marriage as “irretrievably severely shattered” and insecure in the divorce papers, implying that their Dar-es-Salaam home was not a secure place for her to live and that she had to leave due to her mental health while pregnant and also as a result of the conflict with Kiba and his family.

She further claimed that the singer had been unfaithful to them, saying there was no chance of a reunion. According to the petitioner’s lawsuit papers, “The respondent [Kiba] has disrespectfully engaged in public displays of adultery with other women in blatant contempt of the petitioner’s feelings, making a mockery of their marriage.”

Among the problems that Amina said started barely six months after the wedding that led her to settle on the dissolution of the union were;unreconciliable issues between her and Kiba’s relatives and friends living at the matrimonial home,maintenance provided by Kiba was insufficient and would come after a heightened back and forth between the couple,Kiba deserted their marriage, infidelity and verbal abuse.

Alikiba is yet to confirm Amina’s claims.


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