Stevo Simple Boy’s Fiancé Confirms They Are Not Dating

The two got ‘engaged’ on July 25, 2022. The video of the engagement encouraged Kenyans that love is indeed possible.Then Stivo dropped a wedding song video that featured jenny.

Stevo Simple Boy’s fiancee has come out clean about the nitty gritty of her relationship with the singer.

Jenny Wangui has confirmed they aren’t dating saying that the engagement video song dubbed “wedding day” was just show business and nothing serious.

In a video interview on social media, Wangui says their ‘relationship’ is done and that all those social media love shows between her and Stevo were all pure PR to get music lovers hooked in their business as they prepared for a project.

“It was just showbiz, let me be honest.And If you are in the entertainment industry you will understand…..I don’t have a relationship, I am single to be honest so people should stop dragging me into this.” Jenny said

A couple of days ago, Stevo had deleted her pictures from his social media claiming to be upset about having his heart broken following a discovery that Jenny was seen on a Tinder dating app.

“You have supported my projects so much and even spent your time on my work and everything has a beginning and an end. I accept the results. I am back to work and soon I have something very big that will break the business record in East Africa,” Stevo wrote.

Later on, a man emerged claiming that jenny was his girlfriend.


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