Vera Sidika Releases A Rap Song After Surgery Clout

Vera Sidika has released a top rap hit dubbed “popstar” instead of the anticipated part two of reverse surgery video.

This is after the socialite and mother of one baby Asia shook the social media arena with surgery news through which she managed to become the top talk,setting herself as the online agenda the whole of this week.

Vera had posted on her Instagram that the part two video of her surgical experience would be on YouTube by 2pm.

“The full booty removal surgery will be on YouTube today at 2pm.Big thanks to my team of doctors and anesthesiologist for filming the entire procedure.Love”She wrote

In the video Vera Sidika has no traces of surgery and is still curvaceous and bootylicious as she has always been.

The video has already attracted a significant number of views as it has Images disguised as surgery images to serve as click bait.It has already garnered 234k views.

Vera had recently took to her socials to express her regrets over surgery implants adding that her unfortunate experience with the chemicals could serve as an example to others as she urged other women not to be swayed by online pressures over their looks.


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