Ruger’s Expected Performance In Meru Unappealing To Comedian Erick Omondi

Nigerian singer Ruger is expected to perform in Kinoru Stadium in Meru come Saturday,8 October.

Kenyan social media sensation and comedian Erick Omondi has today on Thursday,6 October expressed his disregard to Ruger’s anticipated performance terming it as one of the many ways that portrays how the Kenyan music industry is slowly dying.

Eric was unhappy with how international artists get plartforms to perform in the interior parts of Kenya so easily while the reverse is rarely unheard of.He added that he was looking forward to a day Kenyan artists will perform in other countries’ interiors.

“Can you Imagine a Kenyan artist performing in an interior rural town in Nigeria?? So now they are performing in our upcountries.They have conquered entirely,And we are still behind curtain raising.Soon you will hear that Konshens is live in Budalangi Let’s meet in parliament!!!!”Eric wrote.

Eric’s concerns however got many in agreement as other big names in the media space concurred with him.


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