The UN Security Council Extends Its Approval Of Libya’s Human Trafficking.

On Thursday, the UN Security Council extended for another year its permission for member nations to examine boats thought to be involved in the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking out of Libya.

Resolution 2652 was unanimously approved by the 15-member council, who opted to extend the authorizations for an additional 12 months starting from the resolution’s adoption date.

The resolution also grants member nations the right to confiscate any ships that have been proven to be used for smuggling immigrants or engaging in human trafficking.

In the decision, the council denounced all acts of migrant and human trafficking via and from Libyan land as well as off its coast, which further jeopardize the country’s stabilization efforts and put hundreds of thousands of people’s lives in jeopardy.

The council also asked the UN secretary-general to submit a report on the current resolution’s implementation in 11 months.

The Security Council also stated that it would keep an eye on the situation and, if necessary, consider extending the authority for more time.


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