“Pray For Bahati,He Is Suffering From Depression”-Ringtone Apoko

Gospel singer turned secular singer Ringtone Apoko has revealed that Bahati has been suffering from depression after losing the 9th August elections.

In an interview with youtuber Eve Mungai,Apoko said that Bahati is still in disbelief concerning the outcomes of the elections and that it has been difficult for him to accept and move on.

“Bahati is depressed and has a problem accepting that he lost and that life must continue”,he said.

He further stated that Bahati’s wife has reached out to him for help when Bahati proved to be difficult to deal with.

“Bahati’s wife has called me twice for help telling me that her husband wanted to commit suicide but I showed up for help” ,he added.

Apoko has now appealed to kenyans to pray for Bahati and advise him that there is more to life than politics and that he should continue doing music since that is what kenyans love him for.


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