Azimio Leader Raila Odinga Calls Interpol To Steer Investigation On Lawyer Paul Gicheru’s Death

ODM flagbearer Raila Odinga has called for International Investigative agencies to probe the death of Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru for a credible investigation.

In a statement, Raila expressed deep condolences to the family and friends saying that he received the news of the demise of the lawyer with shock as he demanded for thorough examination to uncover the the cause and also his son’s illness who was rushed to the hospital at the time of his father’s passing.

The Azimio leader noted that there has been trend in the occurrence of unexplainable loss of lives which according to him is gruesome and disturbing. He believes that the mysterious death of Gicheru was calculated and called to wake other persons especially prominent people in the government involved as witnesses in the Investigation Criminal Court case of 2007-08 post election violence.

“This pattern of mysterious and unexplained deaths, some of them gruesome and macabre is extremely disturbing. To avoid a cover up in Kenya, we call upon international investigative agencies, including Interpol to lead the investigation,” Read.

“This is particularly so because the case has international implications as Mr. Gicheru was in the custody of the ICC at the time of his death. Kenya is a party to the ICC statute and should fully co-operate.” He added.

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