KEBS suspends Sale Of 10 Cooking Oil And Fat brands For Non-Compliance With Set Standards

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) listed 10 brands of edible fats and cooking oil which they said were substandard and unsafe for human use.

According to the statement, these brands which include Bahari Fry, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil, Fry Mate, Gold and Pure Olive oil, Postman, Rina, Salit, Tilly and Top Fry were recalled from selling the products in the market until they are cleared fit for consumption.

KEBS Director Peter Kaigwara said they tested and analysed samples from these oil brands manufactured by Bidco limited, Pwani oil, Kapa oil and Menengai refineries against the respective product standard KS EAS 769:KS 2019 fortified edible and fats- specification and were found to be of low quality.

Peter maintained the standard agency mandate, that the move was purely to caution customers of these products as well as to protect the health of consumers.

“The brands of none compliant edible fats and oils that failed to meet the requirements of the standard, and to request your good office to request your members to recall this brands and remove them from the supply chain from your members outlets across the country. Note this is not a ban on the brands but a temporary suspension to facilitate protection of consumers from potentially unsafe products.” Read.


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