Kenyan Court Scheduled To Hear Case Against Meta

A former Facebook content reviewer is suing the parent company of the American social networking giant, Meta, for alleged unfavorable working conditions, and a Kenyan court is scheduled to hear arguments in the case.

The lawsuit brought against Samasource Kenya EPZ, better known as Sama, claims that employees who moderate Facebook posts are subjected to unfavorable working conditions, including low compensation, insufficient mental health support, and invasions of privacy and dignity.

Given that the 12 petitioners were employed by a third-party company to which Meta had contracted for moderating services, the court will decide whether or not Meta can be tried in Kenya.

In June, Meta filed a request to dismiss the case, claiming that the court lacked jurisdiction because the company is not based in Kenya.

On behalf of both present and past employees, Daniel Motaung is requesting financial recompense.

Additionally, he wants Meta and Sama to offer moderators who spend hours analyzing graphic content mental health support.

Additionally, the lawsuit aims to ensure that independent contractors receive the same benefits as Meta staff members.

Meta has denied misconduct and stated that it takes its responsibilities to those who assess information for the company very seriously.

It claims that it expects its partners to offer compensation, perks, and support that are at the top of their industry.

Sama, which employs more than 200 people, is home to the largest content moderation facility in Africa, according to court documents.

Following a class-action lawsuit brought by US-based content moderators who had been frequently exposed to horrific material like beheadings, child and sexual abuse, terrorism, and animal cruelty, Facebook agreed to compensate them $52 million (£46 million) in 2020.


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