Kenya Decides to Restore its Relationship With the Sahrawi Republic

In a statement earlier, the new Kenyan president William Ruto said that his nation does not recognize SADR as an independent state.

President William Ruto’s decision to sever ties with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic has been overturned by Kenya’s ministry of foreign affairs (SADR).

Last Wednesday, Ruto stated on Twitter that the country of East Africa no longer recognized the SADR as an independent state.

Macharia Kamau, Kenya’s principal secretary for foreign affairs, however, said in a statement to the media on Monday that “Kenya’s position on the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is fully aligned with the decision of the Organization of African Unity to admit the SADR to its membership on August 22, 1982, and the AU (African Union) Charter, which calls for the unquestionable and inalienable right of a people to self-determination. Additionally, the nation supports the decisions made on the SADR by later AU assemblies of heads of state and government.

The Republic of Kenya, according to Kamau, continues to have outstanding relations with every member of the African Union and the United Nations, and his nation has strengthened those ties and will do so going forward for the benefit of all parties.

Kenya supports UN Security Council Resolution 690 of 1991, which demands that Western Sahara exercise its right to self-determination through an impartial referendum conducted by the UN and the African Union.

Nairobi has made it clear that it supports the strict adherence to this UN Security Council resolution.

The fact that Kenya doesn’t conduct its foreign policy through formal government documents and frameworks, rather than through Twitter or any other social media site, should also be acknowledged, Kamau said.

Immediately after becoming president, King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent President Ruto a congratulations greeting.

Kenya rescinds its recognition of the SADR and takes action to end the entity’s presence in the nation, according to a communication from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, according to Ruto.

The Kenyan president further stated that, for the sake of both nations, his nation is stepping up cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco in areas including trade, agriculture, health, tourism, and energy.

The SADR, a former Spanish colony that is also claimed by Morocco, will undergo a referendum to determine its status, per UN demands.

On September 13 in Nairobi, Kenya, President Ruto inaugurated himself, and when he introduced other heads of state, he acknowledged SADR President Brahim Ghali.

The SADR established an embassy in Nairobi in February 2014 and has maintained positive relations with Kenya ever since.


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