The Central Bank Governor Of Tunisia Anticipates An IMF Loan Agreement In The Coming Weeks.

According to the governor of the central bank, Tunisia anticipates reaching an agreement with the IMF in the upcoming weeks for a loan of between $2 billion and $4 billion spread over three years.

In order to prevent the collapse of its public finances, Tunisia, which is going through its greatest financial crisis, is attempting to obtain an IMF loan.

Last Monday, the government and the influential UGTT union agreed to raise public sector wages by 5%. This move may help to reduce social unrest. However, they made no further announcements regarding the reforms required for an IMF bailout.

The pay agreement, according to Abassi, was a crucial step in the IMF negotiations and will provide a clear picture of the role that wages will play in GDP in the years to come.

The wage agreement in Tunisia, according to Fitch Ratings, increases the possibility of an IMF agreement.

According to Abassi, the potential agreement will pave the way for bilateral finance with nations like Japan and the Gulf States.

He continued, “We have advanced discussions with Saudi Arabia about bilateral financing.

The IMF has made it clear that it won’t proceed with a bailout that Tunisia has requested until the government includes the UGTT, which claims to have more than a million members and has already caused the economy to shut down in strikes. With inflation hovering at 9% and a lack of numerous food goods in stores because the nation cannot afford some imports, Tunisia is struggling to restore its public finances.


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