Diaspora Gets A County In Kenya To Become The 48TH

William Ruto acknowledged the presence of Kenyan citizens leaving in foreign countries by granting them a ministry and a county to become the 48th.

This was following complains that the Diaspora does not receive attention and that their rights are not considered as they deserve from the government of Kenya. With some recent case of Diana Chepkemoi who was allegedly mistreated by her boss in Saudi Arabia and many others.

The President Dr. William Ruto therefore assured to put in place five directive to cater for them. The new government is set to form a committee in the ministry allocated where Kenyans abroad can raise their issues and receive quality services in the Kenyan embassies. Similarly, there will be a mechanism to ensure public participation by the diaspora even in the election process.

We have elevated our diaspora to be the 48th County. The complaint has been that the diaspora has not received the attention they deserve. The focus has been on remittances,while their fundamental rights as citizens have been neglected. To correct this oversight, I pledge to:

a. Elevate diaspora issues at a ministry level.
b. Strengthen diaspora services in all embassies.
c. Work with parliament to set up a committee that will exclusively deal with diaspora issues.

d. Set up a mechanism for public participation by the diaspora.

e. Work closely with the IEBC to expand and enhance diaspora participation in elections.


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