Raila Odinga Disagrees With Supreme Court Rulling But Vows To Respect The Decision Made in Favor Of William Ruto

In a statement released by Raila Odinga presidential candidate secretariat, the ODM leader has accepted the verdict of the Supreme Court but he does not necessarily agree with it.

We have taken the note of the decision of the court on the presidential election held on August 9th, 2022. We’ve always stood for the rule of law and the constitution. In this regard we respect the decision of the Court although we vehemently disagree with their decision today.” Read part of the statement.

According to Raila, the court judgement has not ended his quest to fight for the democracy of Kenyans rather it has redoubled his efforts to transform this country into a prosperous democracy where each and every Kenyan can find their full belonging.

The Supreme Court received nine petitions on 15th August, six days after the announcement of the results in which the Azimio candidate accused IEBC to have not yet garnered universal public trust in the internal management of the commission and the election.

Chief Justice, Martha Koome by the Supreme Court ruling has found no evidence to support the allegations raised and therefore dismissed all the petitions and declared William Ruto the official 5th President-elect of the Republic of Kenya.


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