Roots Party’s Former Running Mate Justina Wamae Hints At Applying For A PS/CS Job

Roots party’s Justina Wamae revealed she is heading for a public secretary or a cabinet secretary job in the next government.

Justina who aspired as a Deputy in the 9th poll fell apart with the Root’s president Professor George Wajackoya after the election.

Speaking in an interview with SPM Buzz, Wamae revealed that she has been in politics for a while. Having in 2017 declared interest for the Mavoko Mp seat and lost, then in 2018 applied for a PS job that was advertised.

The vocal and passionate lawyer said hopes for the best when she vie for the cabinet secretary position this year after the new government is formed.

She added that no regrets of losing the presidential seat and explained that her intention is to continue with her passion for youth and their development. 

I will work with youth, they have a vision they can drive Kenya forward they have a vision to be active citizens and we will also look to work with disenfranchised youth who don’t believe the system works, so that we even show them to be active citizens.” She responded.

Justina Wamae/Photo. Courtesy


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