A Wake-up Call for APC Government

A Wake-up Call for APC Government

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Am sure Tuesday, June 9, 2015 will definitely not go down in the history of this great country without one recalling the show of drama played out in the elections to the top seats of the 8thNational Assembly. Not only were Nigerian beaten with an early morning surprise as regards the outcome of the NASS elections; but were also dazed by the expressions and statements that ensued:
Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki

Senator Bukola and Hon. Dogara are not the candidates of the APC and a majority of its National Assembly members-elect for the positions of Senate President and House Speaker. The party is supreme and its interest is superior to that of its individual members. There can be no higher level of treachery, disloyalty and insincerity within any party.”

This was how the All Progressives Congress (APC) reacted when it awakened to the consciousness of its member’s insubordination. But as a concern Nigerian, what comes to your mind? I means as one who did defiled, against all odd, the cumbersome exercise encountered before you were able to cast your vote in the 2015 general elections. Shouldn’t such an act of unfortunate infidelity and unfaithfulness have been avoided? Doesn’t this act appears dangerous to APC coalition, or should we say the newly birth APC-led government?

Nigerians have since being living to celebrate the unprecedented success APC recorded in the last general elections where the party won majority votes to end PDP’s 16 years rule, and as a major political party in Nigeria. In reality, a stout resistance coupled with a dogged party unity APC had demonstrated to clinch not just the presidential seat but to have the majority seats in the National Assembly. The party also swept the gubernatorial elections. Again, let’s say kudos to APC as the major political party in the country, at present.

We must also have to say an unsolicited kudos to the mass of Nigerians over there who saw the needs for change in governance. But how we define these needs matter a lot. I strongly want to believe these needs are rooted more on national interest as against personal or party egoism.

Yes, the party political calculation paid off, we can’t denied that. But to say less of the pains and determination Nigerians took for the party to earn such exceptional victory and the high-hope Nigerians are carrying about on this new government, is nothing but a betrayal of trust. To me, that should be one of the reasons anyone shouldn’t have expected such an indefensible internal wrangling amongst the APC leadership. One should have ipso facto anticipated a stronger party unison even as the party moves to elect or nominate its representatives to key government functions. And much more, to steady its party ideology. But the reverse seems to be what Nigerians are witnessing at present.

Shockingly, Nigerians are beginning to get entertained with bickering speeches by the party leadership. Shame! If APC cannot speak in one voice. Shame! If APC will not learn from this, call it a mistake, in their subsequent assignments to elect and nominate their party members to key government functions. Nigerians are already looking up to the cabinet list which Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari will in no time unveil.

I feel concern (I hope to you too) because losing a deputy Senate seat to a strong opposition party like PDP wasn’t a palatable and welcome development. Can one appeal to APC to wake-up and smell the coffee; can one also urge APC members and leaders to drop every act of self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement and all sort and thus project the interest of Nigerians in all their functions and over-sight functions?

Nigerians are no longer ready for excuses this time around. Nigerians are only ready for results, even if it is happening at a slow pace. The national atmosphere can testify to that. You will concur that what we are experiencing today is nothing but voice-of-national unity among Nigerians, especially in national attentiveness. We all hope it will continue to be! But we must warn whoever is holding the mantle of leadership to wake-up to the call.

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